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Thread: swf not appearing in flashplayer

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    swf not appearing in flashplayer

    hi, please can you help?
    I've been having problems publishing my swf file, once it has published and I go to open the file, flash player loads but nothing appears. It works fine in the publish preview + it was working fine previously and it plays other swf's. please help me - many thanks, mark

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    Hi 2Blu !

    Ok, that problem happened to me once, and It seems that It's just a problem of memory with the Flash Player. Sometimes, if your .swf is too heavy, or just if you don't have so much RAM on your Mac, the Flash player will start, but won't show anything... the Flash player is set to 4 Mo of memory. Just give more to it... I hope It'll work...


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    macromedia rushed there mac version of the plug-in, so it has a few bugs, this is on of them, flash seems to be memory hungry, one techmique i learnt was to turn off the energy saving control panel, that apprently works alternativly select the flash player, press the apple key and with it held down select 'i' scroll the papel down to memory and assign more memomry as was suggested before.

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