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Thread: light vectorgraphic!

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    Hi everyone!

    I have a question about swf filesize.

    Ive worked on a flashbased production for about two month
    now. This is my first big prodject and when I checkt the
    total filesize for the first time I allmost fell of my chair.

    My swf is far to big. Please help me with all your tips
    and tricks how to make light graphics.

    Ive made all graphicelements in Illustrator 9.0.


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    Go to publish settings, and set the 'generate size report' box. This will give you a breakdown of what your filesize consists of.

    remember, things that make your file big are..
    - audio (use mp3 compression to bring this down)
    - bitmaps (compress em properly)
    - gradient fills
    - streamlined illustrator files with heaps of corners.


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