i'm fairly new to flash and as my first project i decided to creat an all-flash site for my band, cleaner (www.moreclean.com). this site contains, among other features, a flash contact page that gets loaded into the main swf movie via a load movie into target command. on this contact page, users can type in their name and email address, designate an addressee and a subject (either preselected or typed by the user), and type in a message. these variables are sent to "http://www.moreclean.com/cgi-bin/mailform" by using a "load variables into location" command with "post" as the action.

the problem is this...
when i test the main movie and/or the standalone contact.swf locally on my computer through either flashplayer, ie5 or nav4, everything happens as it should: the variables are collected and get sent to a cgi script on my server space and an email is kicked back to me (i send all test emails to myself). now when i upload these files onto my server space and test it online, an email no longer gets sent back to me. i don't know where the problem lies... are the variables not getting to the script for some reason? i know the permissions on the cgi-bin and the script are set up correctly otherwise it wouldn't work even locally, right?

anyone have any ideas?