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    Just to add to Ray's post...he PC and Flash point of view.

    The files act as they should when viewed locally...the variables are passed and all is good...but when uploaded to the server, which also holds the MySQL DB and the PHP3, the variables are not getting through.

    The swf has a detection script to check that the variables are being loaded before the call is made on them, which again works locally.

    If I create a .txt file with the same variable string as is being produced by the PHP page it works fine...so is the blockage being caused by the PHP string not being interpreted as a text string?

    I have checked Macromedia technotes and various tutorials and I can't see a problem with what I am trying to achieve.

    Any ideas greatfully received as I am about to go and find a large brick wall!



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    I have a htm file containing a flash swf. The movie calls a php file for the data it requires to populate its text variables. The php file is pulling the data in from a MySQL database.

    It all works well when viewed in Netscape 4.05 for Mac both when the htm file is on the local hard disk and when it is on the server.

    But in Explorer, both versions 4.5 and 5.0 for Mac it works when the file is on the local hard disk, but fails to load the variables when the htm is on the server.

    At first I though it might be the format of the string which is returned, but I've tried it as both a querystring eg var1=value1&var2=value2 etc
    and as a list eg

    var1, value1
    var2, value2

    This doesn't seem to make any difference. Still works in Netscape, not in Explorer.

    Does anyone have any ideas please??

    Ray McGinty

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