Yes ! You have heard it , its the time for the one , the only , CAPTY99 to return to his old stomping grounds. I have been off doing some other work, mainly on my site, which will finally be up in about a month. haha. and by doing a little moderating @ dic. (scary thought huh)

But, it seems, that i have some time now, to revert back to the place where i emerged from my primordial ooze to what you see now, as the 2nd sexiest man alive. (second to only ricey)

Oh ya, the real reason i came back is cause kb has something like 3000+ posts which really got on my nerves considering he used to pray to be as powerful as me. j/k.

well, glad 2 be back, even though i may have been posting a few times a week lately, now you get more and more of me. im sure you are just jumping with glee. well, ill see you good ol geeks round the boards.