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Thread: freelancers, workers, can you relate to my dilemma?

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    recently, i had something of the same experience... however not too bad...

    im doing volunteer design for a local political party (i need some experience!!!). i just finished doing the navigation is flash for them, and they were really amazed and happy... they haven't seen much flash really. anyways, suddenly, because the campaign is going into full swing, some communications guy is getting into it... he had some comments for the site... he complained that if the viewer resized the window, the site didn't look as great, he said a video cassette and headphones arent representative of the word 'media', and continued on... these i dont mind... however when he says " the kid can code quite nicely but..."
    (he thinks i coded the flash stuff, lol) it annoys me... as a teenager, saying 'the kid' really really bothers me... i personally dont mind criticism, it often helps... however this guy wanted a lot changed. i thought, doesn't he realized im doing this for free? does he know how much it would cost him to have a professional do flash for them?
    so, as you see i have a bit of leverage, as i get nothing but experience from this job, thus i said that i would get around to fixing some of the stuff when i had the time, but right now other parts of the site need to be fixed, and those are my priorities. unfortunately, it looks like im going to be working with this guy more closely...

    i see from other comments that if i further pursue the design field, it only gets worse...

    oh well, thanks for letting be blow of some steam (hoping none of the people see this, lol). and my regards go out to all those who have to deal with this because it's what supports them...
    best of luck to all, and happy flashing!

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    mg33---Truly a terrible situation, and I feel for you, bud. As the others have pointed out, this situation is the norm, not the exception.
    Rule #1: Don't fall in love with your designs. They will always be changed. I agree totally with the people who advised you to "save all your mock-ups" and to "fight for your design" using reason, not emotion.

    At my last job we were often given verbal instructions, no criteria, no specifications, to create interface designs. We'd wonder what in the world we were supposed to be creating. So of course, any mock-ups we did were totally disposable, because when we got the real specs, half of the cool things we thought up would be inapplicable. Silly? Yes! Did we ask for better? Yes! Did we get it? No! Every project became another rush job for "Just-In-Time-Design". sigh....

    Steady on!

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    Samuel C. Granato
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    I agree with Naldoman
    Rule #1: Don't fall in love with your designs.

    That's why you have your site Micheal. http://www.mg33.net To show that you have the ability to present great designs. Those are the ones you fall in love with man.

    Keep your head up,


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    Thanks everyone, and thanks Samuel (Diavolo) for the comments.

    My opinion today is still not too good, but it is more or less not so disappointed about the ad being changed as it is about the president not recognizing what I can offer.
    I don't plan on staying there when I graduate, nothing against the company, but it is not going to be the creative outlet I feel destined for. More or less, it will evolve into meeting clients and discussing installs with them and other boring stuff.

    I guess, like I said, I just don't like the fact that our president seems so hesitant to listen to things I have to say. Our VP on the other hand-he and I have had some wonderful conversations, he can see my talent and can see that I am presenting ideas that they have not thought of-things dealing with marketing, advertising, creating a company image, and simple things such as how all your business material communicates and is all related.
    It's been a real joy to talk to him and tell him things I think would help, and see him accept them, see him think of it as a better way to look at things. I showed him and some others there my site today, and first off, they don't look at stuff like that. But they were pretty impressed, and if it's something to get across to them that I maybe know a thing or two about what I suggest to them, well, then that is great.
    I totally agree that not every business situation is ever going to be perfect. But to not be taken for what you can offer, that is dissapointing, much more so than a change in the ad becuase the what you can offer-the whole package-that is the bigger package and is also what makes us individuals and sets us all apart.

    So we'll see how it all goes or should I say !!!!

    Thanks again to those of you who posted, your experiences relate well, and I appreciate your talking about them.
    Please feel free to continue with them.


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    Yah, one more thing. If possible one should always have a buffer between yourself and the client. Like a project manager. As a designer or illustrator it helps a lot to have someone levelheaded who takes care of the communication.
    Criticism and suggestions are handled in a less controversial manner if the opposing wills are intermediated by someone trained to do this professionally.

    That is the part of the reason that I joined my company and left the freelance biz. Its such a relief to be able to concentrate on the actual work and leave the bickering to those paid to handle it.

    And yes, of course one should be flexible when presented with suggested changes. Im not suggesting one should immediatly go for the throat. If the changes are for the better, only an idiot would throw a tantrum.
    Conflict is always the last resort.

    Walk softly and carry a big stick.


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    I feel your pain

    In my opinion, the bottom line is that it is their money, I have had clients ask for thingd i thought were pure crap, and after telling them that in my professional opinion this is hoe it could be better and this is how it will make you better than the rest they still what what they want. Some client like to have a designers opinion and others just want it done their way. the only consulation is that at the end of the day you can cash you cheque and buy a pint. On a brighter note, once you have built up a portfolio you can be more selective of what contracts you take and hopefully yur client give you the creative freedom you need to make that truely unique project come together.


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    aint got time for a long en


    I know exactly how you feel....marketing come down thinking they know everthing about web dev just because they use lycos........

    I just did the design work for Nortelnetworks.com Customer care site......ever one in Ireland thought it was great they loved it.....so i handed the templates over to marketing......they had a look, and guess what - yep they made their own version........threw mine on the heap.......but vengence was mine.....they did a dire job and ended up handing the work back.....

    what im sayin is you cant let people walk over you, you are the designer not them......

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    Mg33: if you were a brein surgeon, would your clients tell you HOW to make an incision inside their heads? Nope. And what about nurses, or another doctor especialized in feet problems? No way.
    You wouldn't get that problem if you were a Nuclear Especialist.

    Been a teacher, I get that problem eeeeveeerryyy single day. Some parents know much better than myself how I should teach them computers or music...
    No matter how much I try; they know best.

    I suppose you must feel more or less like I do, asking yourself... "who on earth is the professional here?

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    I read it all
    But I cant relate to it.

    I would denffently stand up for myselfe. They are wrong you are the BEST!
    I hope everything gose to the better.

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