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Thread: check out my first homepage

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    let me know what you think?

    and don't forget to vote

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    I like it. However, I would change the menu font to something more futuristic or electronic. Nice work!

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    Would agree with toolius, the site technically is very good. Graphics are good where they are used but the text is very simplistic and boring. Tried to open the guestbook, took forever...... Site kinda looks disjointed as main area is v. good. The right and bottom bits however looked 'tagged on'. Adverts are too big. I also get a script saying 'permission denied' on the entrance page but it still lets me in. Use one of the graphics from inside on the enter page, would look better.

    Can you let me know how you did the 'spectrum analyser' for the music sequence please. I've been looking everywhere for how to do this. Cool music, doesn't get boring.....


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    your background sound loop is not smooth. i can distinguish where the loop starts and ends. you should either get rid of it or fix it. otherwise it looks like your site is coming along. although to add more content to the site is recommended.


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