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Thread: Dynamic counter or should I say, count-up...

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    I am tyring to have a dynamic counter on my page that says: "number of songs played this month:" and have it be up to the minute info. I've broken it down so that I need a variable to change every 15 minutes, and that needs to constant.

    Expample: I look at the page on day #1 and it says songs played=10, and fifteen minutes later, it will change to say 11. When I come back two days later, it would say 110 songs played...

    Does anyone know a good tutorial that could help out or somewhere to start...


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    do you want the number to actualy represent the number of songs played by users or a number that represents how many time a paricular song could have played within the time that the site is on-line?

    For the first you need to write it to a textfile (are some tuts in the ŽKit).
    For the latter you could type up a function related to the server time.

    cYa, Ivo

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    Thanks for your reply... I figured out a way to do it. I broke the number of songs down per day/hour/minute and created a date object with the user's server info. I then had three variables (date, hour, minute) and mulitplied that number by the number of songs that would have passed on that time and day.

    Once again thanks for your response...

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