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Thread: ASP offline

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    I'm trying to use ASP OFFLINE to read and write to text archive or Acces database. Im needing simple samples to understand the process.

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    You need a webserver to run ASP.
    To do it offline,you allso need a running webserver, but st the server to IP: (localhost)

    You can also revert to stabdalone VBScript. wich dont need a webserver, but need Windows Script Host.
    It is installed in windows by default from win98 and up.

    If you dont have it, then check http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting for the latest version.

    A standalone VBScript, contains VBScript, just like you use it in your ASP files, exept that it will run as a standalone 'program'. It also supports some extra features, native to WSH. Mostly system management features. These WSH files are specially designed to replace the old DOS-batchfiles, and can do all the functions that batch files could, and more.

    You can also use a .wsh file.this is the same principle as a .vbs file, only this one can contain many kinds of script languages. It is based on an XML style layout to perform certain 'jobs'. You can use javascript, Perlscript,vbscript all in the same file.

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