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Thread: Cant take it anymore!

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    Someone please help!
    Im trying to make some text scroll. But im having all kinds of problems.
    1.The text is a tour schedule and its long. I only have a fixed amount that it can fit into. So the text is long and skinny. When i motion tween it and export the movie the end gets cut off. WHY!

    2. Then for some reason i lost about 2/3 of the whole text.

    Its hard to explain. If i shoud post the exported movie for you to see to help me please let me know.

    PLEASE help getting very frustrated which doesnt help.


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    Hey man, I feel your pain. That has got to be frustrating. Have you tried taking that giant text block, and rather than have it be 1 text block, make it 3 text blocks? And then just motion tween them one after another at the same rate and distance? I don't really understand why it would do something like that, but filling in the tour schedule over 3 text blocks or so might negate the problem.


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