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Thread: the letters get stuck on the top and the sides during the explode effect

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    No matter what settings I make by either exporting the swf file in different settings or settings in the HTML page that loads the swish movie, my problems is that after the letters EXPLODE, they get stuck on the top and the sides. I cannot get them to continue on off the screen.

    Please help.



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    Hi, one way to do it is to make a small movie clip of a white box (big enough to cover the single letters)

    then just drop the mc over the non disappearing letters and they will be gone (only works on a white background)

    can u post the url so we can see it happening ???

    i presume u are using swift of similar package to do the txt

    if so look at the imported frames, extend the last frame on the timeline keyframe at the end and create motion tweening then set the final frame to alpha 0 and all will be transparent

    hope this helps

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