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Thread: Can Anyone Help me with Grahpics?

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am a new Webmaster and Graphic Designer as well and I am just beginning to learn how to use Flash and other Graphic Programs. I am designing ( I want to design ) several web sites for myself, however I just don’t know which Graphic Program to use.

    I have used this Program Swish for Flash and it is the best one so far, but I would like to know if there was any easy learning Graphic Programs in wish I could use to design Graphics for my web site as well as using them in my Flash Program?

    I have tried to use Adobe and others just like it and it isn’t easy for me to use. I have several ideas on how I would like my graphics to look like, perhaps someone could help me out a bit? I would be most grateful if anyone could.....


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    I think Adobe LiveMotion has a Shockwave export function, but i dont know for sure. theres some cool tools in that program.

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    It depends ...

    do you want raster images (eg jpg/gif/png)

    or do you want vetor image (eg swf)

    There are lots of good tools for editing raster images.

    Not as many tools for editing vector images.

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    Originally posted by sammie2890
    I have tried to use Adobe and others just like it and it isn’t easy for me to use. I have several ideas on how I would like my graphics to look like, perhaps someone could help me out a bit? I would be most grateful if anyone could.....
    Unfortunately there is NO real "quick and easy" way to become proficient and produce QUALITY designs without putting in the time & effort to learn some of the proggies the majority of designers/artists/animators use on a daily basis.

    Even the most "basic" of programs don't contain templates/scripts/pre-made ANYTHING without some level of knowledge of the program itself...and yes, it DOES take time.

    Don't be in a hurry and take your time honing your skills...or your design(s) will show the results!!

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    well, i'm afraid i'm not answering your question, but
    i think it doesn't matter which tool you decide to
    use to get your ideas down to web.

    definitely the best choice for bitmap manipulation is
    adobes photoshop. it's a hell to learn if you never did
    anything with this great tool, but once you learned it
    you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

    for integration of vector images into flash or others,
    i'd recommend freehand or maybe illustrator. both programs
    give you the tools at hand to create vector based images,
    besides they can handle any dtp task way better than
    photoshop does. when it comes down to type, freehand or
    illustrator is the best choice.

    interactive content or moving pictures are best realised
    with flash or director, but personally i'd prefer flash
    'cause it's way easier to learn and is capable of almost
    anything director can do.

    whatever tool you decide to use, take your time to learn
    it in depth. as long as you are unsure if anything can be
    created in any given program or wonder how it can be done,
    the program will use YOU and not the other way round.

    have fun! (it is, after all...)

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    Fireworks by Macromedia

    I use Macromedia's Fireworks for most of my web graphics creation (outside of Flash). It integrates remarkebly well with Dreamweaver. It is fairly intuitive and handles much like Freehand and Illustrator in graphics creation. It isn't as good for editing scanned or photographic images as Photoshop, but it will, albeit a little clunky. I believe that it is better in making buttons and such than Photoshop as it seems to keep the images a little crisper and it allows greater control of colors in gif images when exporting. Most of the time, I can make images much smaller in file size than with Photoshop.

    Biggest benefit, it is only a fraction of the cost of Photoshop. I use Photoshop everyday, but strictly for photo image editing, But I have been known to take that image into Fireworks to set my jpg compression, feel I have more control over final image and it seems the files are smaller with less jpg artifacts.

    Strictly my opinion...

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    if u'r ever stuck on a graphics program, you can always search for tutorials on the net as well as asking it here g o o d l u c k !

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