well hi
i posted a thread not that long again (( here it is ))

Anyway is there a tutorial out there that will help me
Mimic a Graphic equalizer
Like that of a stereo where the diff: colour of L.E.D`s go up and down 2 the sound of a music file
Been played in FLASH ?

anyway i got back some good comment`s and i have did them
but ... my equlizer dont look as if it`s moving 2 the beat of the musid then i remember i seen ur site and ur equlizer did look like it was moving 2 the beat`s of the music so was it just a .......... movie clip u did or is the equlizer really moving moving up and down 2 the beat of the music ?

if u read this and help thanx a lot
oooo yeah wicked azz kiking site u got =)