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    Okay, guys and girls. You know how on the main flash site (http://www.flash.com) there are 4 buttons to the right that each contain a picture or symbol of some kind? Is this accomplished by drawing a circle IN Flash AROUND the picture, or can you import GIFS or JPEGS with a transparent background? I've also seen logos with transparent backgrounds in Flash, but whenever I import something it retains the same background, and I can't seem to get it off. Any help here? If you know, please email me at: jason@delusions.org

    Thanks a bunch to those who know the answer!

    -Jason O'Brien

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    Now any other person might tell you other wise, but here are some solutions and answers to your questions.

    First Off, I haven't been able to import a Gif or a jpeg with a trasparent backround. I made the picture round in Paint Shop Pro 6, then created the same color as the backround in my movie (black ) So, You could do that.
    Or, you could do something that might involve a little more work. Ifrst creat a picture. Two circles, the first with a texture ( works as a frame, if you dont want a frame, created it as the same color as your backround.) Then create another color with an alpha of zero. put that in side of your first circle, no you have two circles, if you do it right, you can put you picture underneath that, and you will have a circular picture. Make sure that the 'Frame' is larger than the picure

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    i too have had problems with transparent backgrounds for gifs when imported. the best i was able to do was take the image i wanted (when i tried to do it, i wanted a circle shaped picture) and set it on its own layer in photoshop. however, when i imported the image, it had a squarelike halo around it. i successfully managed to do it (without the halo) with the collie featured in my first movie, but i couldnt tell you how i did it.

    jpgs cannot use transparent backgrounds as far as i know, so i used a gif (which looses a lot of photo quality). like i said, i dont remember how i did it in my first flash movie, but it is possible. im looking at the objects in my movies library, and it is a gif. if theres another way, i dont know how.

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    Shadow: using the same color as the Flash background won't work with what I'm doing since the background isn't one color. It's a series of colors in a rainbow-type pattern.

    I think what I might do is import the square JPEG and draw a thick circle around it, thus making the background appear transparent.

    Let me know if you have any more ideas.

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    Here's what I do for "keeping" areas of images transparent:

    - Import my GIF into a graphic symbol (JPG should work too, but I've not tried it)
    - Modify > Break Apart the image
    - Deselect everything
    - Now, using the Magic Wand from the Lasso tool I select the solid areas and then just press delete. I use Flash 3 and the Lasso is found in the main tools palette. When I choose this tool, more tools appear below, one of which is the Magic Wand.

    See if this works

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    By the way: the GIFs don't need to be saved with an transparency information. If you make the bits you want transparent in Flash as nice solid colours, then it's a lot easier to select and delete those areas.

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    If you want to import a raster image with a alpha state you need to make a png or gif in photo shop by setting the "alpha" channel.

    You can do this by creating a new photo and selecting the area you want to loose with the magic wand tool. hit deleate to clear the background. now click on the channels tab. go to the bottom of the channels dialog and create a new alpha channel reverse the mask and fill the area you want to keep with white in the alpha channel. (make sure you click the alpha channel so all you see is the black screen and the marquee of the mask) now save the image as a png and import it into flash and there is now now information execpt in the area that was defined by the white you applied in the alpha channel. Regards, Bill

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