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Thread: Scene 1+Scene 2 = Frustration!

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    I have my animated movie on scene 1 and on scene two I have a "menu" for people to navigate through my site. This is how my flash movie is setup: I have a preloader for my animation in one layer, my animation in another layer, and below that a layer with an empty keyframe in frame 1 with actionscript that reads:

    gotoAndPlay ("Scene 2", 1);

    Well, the frustration comes when I play the movie and the only thing that I see is scene 2, and not my animation on scene 1. Is there anyway I can display both at the same time? My purpose is to load my menu before the animation. Any 411 will be appreciated, thanks!

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    convert your animation that you want to play before going to the second scene as a movie clip and have this action in the last frame of your movie

    _root.gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", "lablename");

    use labels when you are targeting scene

    Hope i am clear


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