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Thread: Importing Fireworks slices into Dreamweaver Frames ???

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    I have an image that I sliced up into 4 slices in Fireworks. I want to import it into Dreamweaver but insted of having the slices in a table (like the html file created assembles them automatically it seems) having each one of them be an individual frame (within a frameset tag). So I would end up with 4 frames (with Border=0 obviously) that would recreate the image.
    I'm thinking about doing this so that I can target one of the slices to add the website content to it and not have to reload the three other parts of the image each time a user goes to a different page. If anyone knows how I can go about this or an alternative to what I'm trying to achieve ?

    Thanks in advance, Kelly

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    not sure about frames

    Once the images are downloaded by the user, they aren't re-downloaded again, they are stored in the cache. Unless they are on a really slow computer or connection, they shouldn't even see a change. Think about how navigational elements stay on a screen as you change pages. Same should apply here.

    If you must, Dreamweaver has really good frames editing that should make it a breeze to do. In your toolbar is a frames section and you may want to read the help files or book to get familiar with the tool.

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    Hi, (welcome)

    as bill rightly says, the browser will cache the image

    so if u use a background image on every page the first page will load slower as it cache's the background, when u go to page 2, its there in a flash...

    mb post a link to this so we can see, hard to imagine the problem...

    fireworks is so good when u get to know it...

    u can export from fire just images

    and mb build the table in dreamweaver


    good luck


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