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Thread: color schemes for dummies?

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    Does anyone know of any references or applications to show a completely color deficient moron some color scheme considerations for sites?

    Looking for something that would help a person who can't even match the color of his clothes properly!

    Info can include any sites, books, applications, or techniques. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, trying not be hard on u....


    its all around u

    there are rules (not many)

    complimentry colours

    look at magazines (good ones) tv, video

    go to the diy store and get one of all the colour cards for paint samples = (pantone book)

    play with them


    look inside yourself

    pastel colours = soft gentle

    anger = red
    cold = blue
    peace = green

    i'm in the uk

    all the banks are either blue or green (there signs)
    because they are safe colours trusting

    macdonalds burger king all red and yellow
    want u in and out fast (more money)ppl are not happy looking at red all the time

    hee hee

    i spent 4 years learning it....

    raid the diy store get colours and find yourself, takes time but it will come

    trust me if u can design a bit, it will come

    have fun

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    real help needed

    That reply was great for you maybe, but not so easy for all. I would be interested myself as I have a VERY creative mind but am color blind as a bat!
    A simple color wheel with THE NAMES of the colors would be fantastic.
    I made a pic of a woman once that was remarkable with the exception that her skin was a shade of green because I didn't have a color name to pic from. PURE SHAME it was.

    When you go to styles in Photoshop you get a description popup when you mouse over, why can't we get the same for colors?

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    Hi Breezy, heres a link, its one of the better ones ive seen available.


    Colour Studio pro...it has a $10 price and is worth that, I went through the purchase proceedure and they promplty replied by email thaty I could have it for free. Lucky shopper of the day.

    Its comprehensive, comparative etc etc.

    Hope its of some help to you.


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    Thank you very much!

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    ok blue and green are trust, red and yellow are anger, what r white and black?, how about brown, what if i mix blue and red, am i giving out mixed messages?

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    There was a good article in a an older Computer graphics magazine, I believe it would help you. I will see if I can dig it up.

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