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Thread: PC-Mac home network

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    What is the best and simplest way to set up a cross platform home network? I have a PC running Win98, a Mac 8100 with OS 8.6. I might possibly be adding a WinXP box soon and I'm going to be adding a Cable modem in about a month. So they need to share cable and the printer (HP Laserjet 4mp). The Mac is the kids computer, the other 1 is mine.

    A discussion on another site was talking about Farallon's Netline Gateway and PCMacLan. Anyone have any experience in this and what did you use or what would you recommend? TIA :-)

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    if you just need to share a internet connection, just get an external modem and a dsl/cable router.. i hear the linksys routers are super easy to set up and you can share an internet connection with several different platforms. if your interested in file sharing between all the computers then you can use the router as a dhcp server (it has a built in firewall) and share your files between the PC's with the built in network software, then connect with the mac via a little program called DAVE, you'll be able to browse and share files with PC's with little or no problem, and DAVE is a sinch to set up

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    If XP is owt lik Win2k you can use the AppleTalk protocol to communicate via an internal NIC to the Mac.
    Dunno if the ICS works on it though.
    But MAc8's idea is the better, get a small router, DLink or Allied Telesyn are my picks!

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    You could try it from the other direction and run AppleIP on the 8100. Then the PC can see the Mac over TCP/IP.

    The last place I worked at had an intranet server that was an 8100/100 with AppleIP running on it, so I know it can run it (I think it had around 80-120 mb of RAM).

    Disclaimer - I've never set up AppleIP, so I can't tell you much more than "it's possible."


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    Here's a page I found on Networking PCs and MACs while I was looking up stuff for a business project.

    Bugger! Silly me, I forgot to add the link.
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    I use DAVE as well and would highly recommend it.

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