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Thread: XML? What the hell?

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    Why on earth would you use XML i noticed there is alot of interest in it so i decided to put some research it, and try and teach my self. this took me to the MSDN website. it was telling me stuff that i knew nothing about.

    So i have a few questions:

    1. Why would you use XML
    2. When would you use XML
    3. errm actually i wont ask how to use it!

    Thanx all if anyone answers this, then i give a big thanx to you in advance!

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    Data's really the only thing that changes on your web sites - right??

    Then why not seperate data from presentation - XML to hold and define the data, Flash to display and interpret the data.

    That's about as short an answer as I can give - since this question has already been answered on this board.

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