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    Post a newbie to flash...i have some understanding of it. I have more understanding of Visual Basic and that helps but that is beside the point. I need some help on making keys move an image on the screen. Like a side scrolling game (ie. Sonic the Hedghog or Mario) I would need some code since im not to familiar with this program i want to learn about. Specifically, i want to make the keys; up, down, left and right make an image such as a chacter move on the screen move occordingly. I would greatly appreciate some help if anyone can. I u want to now what im talking about go to and click on Pico. They have games based on this little guys and basically thats what i want..thanks again


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    Hey AuroraT1 do you need a script ready to go or basics how to do it. TIP: make a button someware on the stage -- properties --- actions -- assign onMouseEvent-- from the left choose key press - <left> exampl. use set property (X_position,target your Mario (movie),value (expression like x).set x=x-1.This was fast but why dont you go flash help menu-- samples--fighter take the button properties and see how its done.
    Joy and luck

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