Hi God!
Here is a sample problem, which I have no clue how to solve. I would appreciate it if you could help me out. You may email me at : indrani.sen@att.net
Enclosed is the file for your convenience.
And , thank you very much in advance. I truly appreciate your time.

What I want to do?

Create an interactive game, where the user gets the opportunity to drag and drop items.
However unlike other drag and drop games where all the drag gable icons are on the stage, in this movie, each of the icons occur one by one. That is once the user completes one draggable item to the target destination correctly, the next draggable icon will pop up.
So far what I have achieved is that I was able to create one item. However I wasn’t able to move on to the next frame after the user had successfully dragged the right iocon to the target destination, and had the message “correct”
Here is the cript that I wrote:

on (press) {
startDrag ("_root.round1");
//draggable object
on (release) {
stopDrag ();
if (_root.round1._droptarget eq "/circle-big") {
//”circle-big” is the destination
setProperty ("_root.round1", _x, 76);
setProperty ("_root.round1", _y, 120);
gotoAndPlay ("number5");
//”number 5” refers to the next frame
} else {
_root.round1._x = 80;
_root.round1._y = 322;