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Thread: Change vars in an external .txt file ??

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    Ok i made an flashintro.. now i have sum Vb script that checks for the file done.txt where's the var "finished"

    at the start the value is false..
    now when the intro ends i want flash to set the var "finished" to true, so the VB can pick up the var from the txtfile.

    So is it possible to edit/manipulate external files within flash and saves them after the edit???

    If so..plz tell me how

    A desperate person.... greetz from me =]

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    hmmm what's the vb script for?

    with the changing of the text file you'll have to use something like php to do it... i'm a little rusty on my php so i can't really write it up here for you
    maybe some other nice person will
    or else just go do a search as it's a pretty basic script and there are plently around which will do exactly as you need.

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    Smile misunderstanding

    oke.. my fault... this is not online based ****... it's a program which i want to use the flash movie for as an intro...

    Now i just want to let the program to know when the .swf is finished playin (ok this look more clear i think),
    so the program will continue after playin the .swf

    any suggestions? thx

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    So it's offline - Here's a bit that I picked up a bit ago from someone else. I think the link at the bottom has some more info.


    saves out variables within the layer it was run in...ie an MC or the root. Flash 5 only, not sure about the mac??? The variables are saved in the same format as you would load them in as.

    referenced from http://www.were-here.com/forums/show...threadid=43302

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