Guru's please help me out!

I'm a bit new in the flash5 Actionscripting game, and I'm running into a couple of problems with this multimedia presentation I'm doing.

Problem nr.1: How do I get this 'stopallsounds' button to work properly? A simple 'onpress, stopallsounds'-action doesn't seem to work. And, if it's possible, Can you make a button that fade's all sound out?? How??

Problem nr.2: I've made a form with various imput-textfields in it, but I don't know how to get the 'send' and 'reset'-buttons to work properly, in such a way that the filled-in text and info is emailed and than neatly displayed underneath each other within outlook ( or other). In short: HOW THE HELL DO I MAKE THIS FORM ACTUALLY WORK!!

these 2 little problems shouldn't be much of a problem for all you Flash-masters out there!
If you can help me out, please mail me at

Thankx, Mitch