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Thread: Reminder to new members

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    N' then I might just
    Jump back on
    An' ride
    Like a cowboy
    Into the dawn
    ........To Montana.
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    A quote from the webmaster...

    [QUOTE]Talk of Warez or posting Warez site links is strictly forbidden by the user registration and we will ban any member that does so.
    Sites that swap mp3s or any other copyrighted or licensed material without respect for the rights and royalties of their owners are also in this category.

    please consider this before you post here.
    david p.

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    AYe well said david.
    I'll just boost this baby back up to the top.

    And I would also like to add that Flash 6 Beta is a taboo topic too.
    Any screenshots, offers of download locations or reviews will result ion an immediate ban and deletion of posts.
    By all means discuss what MIGHT be in it, but anyone who tells anyone what IS in it, is basically confessing they own warez.
    As all MM beta testers and bound by an NDA so they wont speak a word.

    Cheers for reading

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