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    Ok, I need to know where the MC are located on this site, but specific ones, because I cant seem to find them.

    I need to find a movie clip that shows text that almost looks like its being typed, and I also need the moive clip where I can have a movie clip follow a guide line and looks like its fading @ the end.

    If you know where i can Find these, or know how to do them, Please by all means Reply!

    -Michael ;-)

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    Have a look in the movies section by clicking on the button in the Flash Kit banner

    im sure you can find both of them there


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    There is a .fla in the Movies section that is called Typewriter get that.

    Or if you like i can send you one.

    Take care...

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    I've always wondered if they realy film on the original locations.If

    not how do the find those locations?

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