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Thread: Help embedding fonts in scrolling text box

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    I successfully used Mr. Patrick Mineault's lovely Actionscript tutorial on "scrolling a text box."
    ( http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/In...29/index.shtml )

    Problem now is that I can't get my fonts to embed! Is there an idiot-proof way to get fonts to embed into Flash files or is this a special case with the method of displaying text in this tutorial? Help the idiot!


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    you must have not embeded your fonts in the dynamic text feild

    there is a icon for embed fonts when you see the text option it appears in the bottom... click on that icon

    this works worked for me


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    Did this work for the tutorial's method that I spoke of above? I tried simply pressing the embed fonts button, and the text then doesn't even appear. Please let me know. Thanks!!!

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    I see two possibilities:

    a) You are not using the same font in the text box as it is referenced in the text file you scroll. Expecially, you might run into some problems if your text is entirely bold, because Flash only embeds the regular ( non-bold ) version of the font. Solution: Use the font as referenced in the text file.

    b) The font you are using cannot be embedded. There are some fonts ( like raster or postscript fonts ) that Flash will refuse to export. Solution: use another font.

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