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Thread: General Imac question (none flash related)

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    Hello everybody. I have a good background with PC's but touched a Mac once. Friend messed up his new Imac and wants to reinstall the operating system that came with the computer. I figure format the hard drive and do a re-install. Can anybody tell me in complete laymen terms how I would do this? I apologise for my ignorance, I realize Macs are better then PCs. Please help me if it is a seemingly easy process.

    p.s. I have formatted many pcs in my time (if that matters)...

    Forever grateful to the wealth of info in the FK Collective...


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    First, start up the mac from the system cd. Put the cd in the drive (with the mac on) then restart the machine and hold down the C key while it starts up. This makes it use the system folder on the cd, not the hard drive.

    Now you can reformat the HD and install a clean system from the cd. There should be some formating software on the cd for you to use.

    Check out the Apple support website, I'm sure there is a detailed run through on there somewhere. Also, you should have some manuals with the mac which cover basic maintenance and trouble shooting.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you for your assistance.

    ~~Much Appreciated~~

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    in the utilities folder of the startup cd stuartkey is talking about, there's an application called drive setup.
    This is the formatting utlity you're looking for.

    There should have been two cds with the imac, one called software install and the other software restore.
    If you use the software restore cd and run the application called Apple software Restore that gives you the option to erase the destination disk as part of the installation...

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