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Thread: Absolutely Annoying!

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    Absolutely Annoying!

    When I first saw the "Absolute" adds on the cover of flashkit I was excited to see such a creative and practical use of flash in Advertising and Marketing. I was intrigued and upon my own volition went to the Absolute site and spent close to an hour, surfing their site, Absolute Director ect. However now, every time I go to flashkit whenever I click on any link the first thing that pops up is a new window for absolute. I push "Alt +W" to close the window before having my synapses polluted with whatever pop-up trash you are trying to push on me. But I have had it! These pop-up pages have go to stop but until they do I will stop coming to flashkit.

    Anyone else feel the same.

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    just about everyone

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    they're gone now but they were very annoying!

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