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Thread: walls in a "top view walking game"

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    I am creating this walking game (kinda like those rpg's, only in a futuristic landscape) but now I am trying to find an easy way to make borders (walls, etc) where the little dude can't walk through... is there a way (I tried it, but I couldn't find it) where I can say that, if there is a mc with, let's say, an instance name called wall at the same X or Y position of the character, the character doesn't move in that direction?


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    To do this you need to get the width,height,x and y coordinates of the wall then you need to work out the x co-ordinates of both the left and right side of the wall and the y co-ordiantes of both the top and bottom sides of the wall!! from there you need to do the same for your little man and then set up a few if statements if you want the collision detection code go to www.rapidprogression.co.uk and i will post it here!!or you can e-mail me guywatson@btinternet.com or icq 71063418

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