I've posted this is some of the other sections, but nobody is answering.

I am making a banner for my Car Audio Discussion board. The banner looks like a car stereo. What I'm working on is, when you press the preset buttons different music will play. Now what I also want to do is import flashtrack player for each loop.

When I put the player.mc movie clip onto my main movie, and press the button that is part of this clip, the flashtrack works fine. Now what I want to do, is make it for when a person clicks on one of the preset buttons, that makes the flashtrack player work. I can't seem to get the player to work when I move the button out of the player.mc.

Here is the action code that is on the original button.

on (release) {
tellTarget ("../load") {
gotoAndPlay ("play");
tellTarget ("../") {
gotoAndPlay ("eqstart");
../:status = "play";
gotoAndStop ("on");

I am moving the button onto my main movie, so what should I be changing in the code?

maybe I'm making this too confusing.

is there away to use an external button turn on the flash track player? If so, what should the code look like?

Here is the banner I have so far, without the flashtrack player in it. Just to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do.