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Thread: background images

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    As an amateur photog with a pet 35MM SLR, I have lots of photos to use in websites. But I can't figure out how Flash5 sites show them with the "signature" characteristic ribbed appearance.

    You all know what I mean I hope ... Flash sites will show or have a background image with lines across it as if you are looking at it through a screen of some kind.

    How do I apply that type of appearance to my website backgrounds and logos?


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    what you are looking for is called "scan lines"..

    its done in photoshop quite easily...

    either search the "Design & Graphics" forum here at FK for "scan lines"


    go to http://www.phong.com i know there is a tutorial there

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    pleas ask your help questions in one of our help forums.
    this is general help - http://board.flashkit.com/board/foru....php?forumid=2
    and this is design and graphics - http://board.flashkit.com/board/foru...php?forumid=14
    thread closed.
    david p.

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