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Thread: MP3 to Flashtrak??

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    I tried to search for this answer, but didn't find anything to help me... or missed it... there's SO much information! So, please excuse if this is a repeat question...

    Can I (and if so, HOW!) make an MP3 into a flashtrak to make my file smaller?? It makes my page so huge and I don't want to worry about bandwidth problems.

    Thanks in advance...


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    yeah, I would realy, realy, realy love to know how to create Flashtrak's!

    as far as I've read the documentation on Flashkit, flashtrak's are generated by third-party software.
    It's all in the thread by cre8ive.
    Unfortunately he forgot, or didn,t want to, mention what that third-party software actualy is.

    I hope he will let us know what software package is used, and if we can buy/download/order it anywhere.

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    Check this: I found this on www.chinwag.com:

    "But how do you get the variables (data, fulllen, etc) into data.swf that
    the player requires? I think they must be created by some (undoubtedly
    proprietary) program based on the music to get the info for the
    equalizer, so just using another plain music swf wouldn't work as far as
    I can see. "

    We created a custom program that we use, it takes any sound file, (wav,
    aiff, mp3) creates the text data (peaks), makes the conversions and then
    builds the flashtrak using swift generator :)

    Its a sweet little engine, and we are looking for more players!!!! So feel
    free to make one up!

    The catch is it only works with the loops in our archive at the minute :)
    But this grows daily anyways!

    Regards Mark Fennell
    Flashkit.com Webmaster

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    flashtraks are made by custom software that sits on our server, its not a standalone product, sorry.

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