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Thread: Gif-image.. how to make it loop?

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    I converted a small avi (created with 3dsmax4) to gif format (want to insert it into a flash movie as a logo), but I can't figure out how to get the gif to loop. Instead it just stops each time it reaches the end of the animation.

    Any ideas as to how I could make it a "looping" gif (and with which prog)? I used Image Explorer Pro 5.5 to convert the avi btw...

    Or maybe someone knows of a plugin or something similar to turn a 3dsmax-made animation directly into a gif (ovbiously with the option/ability to make it looping)?

    I've already been looking through the options in PS 5.5 but that didn't help (either it's not possible using PS5.5 or I'm blind).

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    since I can't ask any question Ill make some assumtions hopefully I tell you something useful.

    If you can export the animation as a series of gifs then you can use Imageready to make an animated series, i think theres a free prog called 'gif contructor' that will do it, too.

    The same for flash if you have a series, you can import the first gif and it will ask if you want to import the rest of the series, it will place 1 on each frame all in a row.
    (then in flash, on the last frame you will have to throw some script in to say go back to 1st frame , so the animation will loop.)or you can put it into a movieclip and loop it.

    i just looked an flash will import a .mov file if you can export that from Max, sorry I don't know Max, I wish I did.
    I'm just getting into Lightwave, right now.

    doesn't Max export .swf at this point, maybe not, but that
    would work.

    well I;ve rambled enough

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    Thnx a lot... I'll try it and hopefully it'll work.. (seems pretty straightforward, so why wouldn't it? Not as if Flash or 3ds are from Microsoft or anything.. )

    Well.. if 3dsmax4 would export straight to swf I wouldn't be asking the question in the first place...
    And besides some Swift 3D plugin for 3ds I couldn't find any way to export from 3ds to *.swf... but that was a non-complete demo version... and I don't buy progs without testing the FULL version first...
    Same thing goes for Lightwave too... no swf-export without extra plugins... I even tried Maya... but no luck.

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