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Thread: Multiple stupid questions, in one post!

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    1. You can import images to flash right... if so how do I go about doing that?

    2. Why when I set the flash site to show up in the browser as 100% of the screen (in the publishing settings) is there still about 1/4 inch of white-space around the movie.

    3. Also when I set it to 100%, the white box that you work on, obviously does not represent what the person will be seeing, because I extend lines outside the box and they show up! How do I know what is going to show up on the screen and what is not!?

    4. Is it just me or do flash sites have alot of layers?


    P.S. If anyone knows how to use Adobe text effect if you could e-mail me on how that would be great!

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    1: file -> import

    2: Insert topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 into the <body> tag of your html page

    3: when you export your movie, the lines outside the box wont be visible, only when you preview it in flash

    4: layers are prob the most important part of flash

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    1. In an open FLA, File/Import... and choose the image file. Make sure a frame is chosen or a new movie clip is open or Import is grayed out.

    2. Look up FSCommand in help. You want to put the FSCommand allowscale=false in the first frmae of your first scene.

    3. Try publishing the file and viewing it in the standalone player (double-click the swf) or an html page. Testing a movie in Flash will show things beyond the movie's true boundaries/borders. The white square you mention is called the stage, and once published, nothing beyond the borders of the stage will show.

    4. Depends. By no means are all Flash sites alike. The better you get at Flash, the more you find shorter and quicker and easier ways to achieve what you want.

    PS Not sure what you are referring to. After Effects? Text effects in Photoshop or Illustrator? Sorry, maybe I'm just not familiar with that.

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