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Thread: How to become more than a member?

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    Hi everyone, this is not a flash related question.

    But how to i become an executive member or higher?
    Do i have to have helped a certain amount of times? (depends on the number of posts?)

    Anyways thanks for your time.!

    Blue Dragon

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    It depends on the number of posts as you guessed. It changes at 30, 100, 250, 500 . . . someting like that .

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    < 30 = new member
    30 = member
    150 = senior member
    250 = Executive member
    500 = FK Board Crew
    1000 = FK Board Heavy weight, or you get to pick your own.

    Those numbers (esp senior and exec)might be a bit off.

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    you become senior at 100, and you can choose your name at 500.
    at 1000, you can have a little avatar to put under your name.

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