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Thread: Getting Ready To Go To College..

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    I'm totally blown away by some of the stuff i've been seeing.. I was just wondering what are some courses, or programs that i would need to master to be able to talk with you guys.. No real C++, or VB type skills.. Is it more Illustrator, Photoshop type stuff.. Just any help would be greatly appreciated.. I'm an aspiring web designer and would definatly like to add some Flah expierance...

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    Flash combines with other programming languages such as HTML ASP etc..Some of the images that are used in flahs are mostly made in photoshop.Flash does import Illustrator files too..There are many third party tools out there too which combine with flash.
    Most of us here are all beginners..Including myself..
    To Master Flash is very hard as there are a lot fo things to Master and it is like a never ending journey..
    Especially with Flash 5 that has just been released there are lots of more things which cna be done..
    I would reccomend you to start with the lessons in flash itself..
    Then if you have problems you can post them here and I and many other flash fellows would be glad to help..
    You can also buy a book on lfash which i did and some of them come with a CD including tutorials..
    That helped me a lot too..
    If you need any other help just emial me

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    check the tutorials section of flashkit and macromedia if you want...

    otherwise (and this is quite serious) you just need to mess around with flash as much as possible...download some opensource movies from flashkit, and really take a look at them...study them...and hopefully learn from them...

    also, buy a book (flashbible, or whatever) because it's always good to have a hardcopy reference...

    lastly...ask questions --- that's what this and other boards are here for...the flash community is unlike any other...


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