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Thread: Game developers urgently required

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    We're currently working on a new book based on Flash games and cartoons, which will be published by a major US company in the near future.

    We would like game developers to submit their work to be included on the CD-ROM that will accompany the book. Unfortunately, you will not be paid for your submissions, but we will provide you with a free copy of the book and more importantly it is an excellent opportunity for your work to be showcased around the world.

    If you're interested then please email me with the following information:

    1) The URL of the game(s) you would like to submit (please do not send any attachments - just URLs).

    2) Details of who the game was created for.

    3) Details of your exact involvement in making the game. ie. Did you do the graphics, programming, sounds, design (or all of the above)

    4) The URL of your site (if you have one)

    We are looking 5-7 top quality games and this offer is open to individuals or companies. We look forward to seeing your work!

    Please send submissions to: james@turnertoons.com



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    Interesting offer. I've got some questions.

    Will the games include source?

    What about text describing how the game works, why coded a certain way, etc.?

    When is your deadline?

    Whay include only 5-7 games? If you get a good response from this offer you should feature 5-7 in the book but include a lot more on the CD. This would make me even more likely to buy the book!

    When will the book be published?

    Wouldn't the games need to be Flash 5? I would guess the focus for new Flash books would require this.

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    Hi BullFrawg,

    Thanks for the questions/comments.

    1) We are not insisting on the source code because we felt it may discourage some people from agreeing to include their game(s) on the CD. All games will be on the CD in Mac/PC projector format. If anybody would like to send us the source for inclusion on the CD, then it will be MORE than welcome and we would probably discuss the programming techniques used in the approriate section of the book.

    2) We would probably ask for this kind of information on any games that are included. At the moment though, we are just going through the submitted games and choosing the most suitable games.

    3) Our deadline for inclusion on the CD is the 1st week of October.

    4) We are looking for 5-7 high quality games, which will be analysed in the book - we'll discuss the techniques used etc. So overall, we may have more than this on the CD but they won't all be mentioned in the book.

    5) We are still discussing the publishing date. It looks like it will be Mid-Late October.

    6) They don't necessarily have to be written in Flash 5. The book will focus more on techniques used in games rather than an in-depth explanation of actionscript coding. We will be releasing several of our own games in the book and discussing them in-depth and these games WILL be written in Flash 5.

    I hope that helps. If you have any questions then please let me know.


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    BTW, forgot to mention it last time but,

    WEBER Rules!

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    Weber will be pleased.......he will of course feature in this new book.

    For those people who've missed Weber, check out the site at http://www.turnertoons.com/

    My personal favourite is the Weber blues

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