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    however - there are really about four states to the current movie

    info(four seperate scenes of info)

    i am goin to put sound loops in the bg of the movie during the navig scene and a different one in the info scenes

    these loops are different BUT i want to crossfade the sounds against each other as the movie transitions from one scene to the other and back

    get what i mean?

    any help would be graetly appreciated

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    the possibilities are endless in flash
    but consider this
    if you have
    scene 1 (Preload)
    scene 2 (intro)
    scene 3 (main)
    scene 4-8 (Info)

    All are in the same time line.

    if you make a key frame with sound/music sync to event or start and loop it say 8 times and add fade out it will play and fade and and play and fade etc.
    it won't play 8 times and on the 8th time fade out.

    You may want to make small movie clips with just the loops/music in them and drop them in to the scene that you want them to play in and give them and instance name.
    Then you can control them with Tell Target.

    That might do the trick.

    Like i said there are endless possibilities
    so you'll just have to experiment.

    I am going to work on some of this kind of stuff soon.

    right now im working on a web site, 2 games,
    and a Flash Player.swf that loads seperate .swf files that contain audio loops.

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    cheers for the help - i'll try a couple of different ways
    check out:
    c wot you think

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    There a bunch of posts that i have replyed to as well as a few new posts i made
    Check them out you might find something that may give you some ideas.

    Soon i hope to do a Whole Tutorial on Working with Sound and Loops in Flash 4

    I just need some more time to mess around with it.


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