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Thread: questions about worth and money as motivation

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    Hello to all

    I posted this in the design section... thought you guys might wanna have look at my dillema

    How much money do you guys get for a good design? or rather how much are you expected to get paid for a good design?

    does it depend on the complexity?

    how high can you go on a flash design or web development?

    or maybe money is not an object?

    Is money a motivation for great design?

    In this practical day and age, where everything you work on or have talent on can be capitalized to make money, I want to know how much my effort is worth.

    I'm a web developer and designer for 3 yrs now. I use flash and anything i could think of to make websites. my design skills are average but technical skills are excellent (i know every nook and cranny of the tech world knowlegable in amy comp field. etc.) . and personally i think i'm not content with what i'm getting. I just want to know how much higher can i go with my current skills. I want to know how much it takes to earn more than US$210 (php 11000) /month and earn more money per website. I'm also a brainbench certified photoshop 5.5 and html3.2 developer

    I know we have cheap labor her in the philippines but i know people who earn $300 or more for a website that only takes less than a week to build. what does it take?

    I do enjoy website design as it is my hobby and i dont get tired on making websites. Photoshop seems like chicken to me now. and my co-workers are happy to have me in thier team. but somehow i sometimes feel theres more to be had than what i'm getting.

    I hope you experienced guys give me insight on this. i'm somehow planing to leave design and return to vb and c++ programming which is more financially gratifying but a taxing, often tiring and late hour work. graphics programming or probably maybe go in japan where its close to home and i could have 10x as much.


    Just wondering
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    try going to elance.com or guru.com & bid on a contract.

    good luck.

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