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Thread: Bitmap image quality problem

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    I am having problems displaying my images cleanly. I have 6 small images (jpegs) imported in Flash. They are part of a movie clip. They all have a transparent background and the following settings. Compression:Jpeg Quality:100. Plus, I am not scaling them at all.

    They look really awful when I export my movie. (a 209k movie). If I move them to a new movie they look just find.


    I would appreciate any help or tips.


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    One thing you could try--on the first frame, put this action:
     _quality = "HIGH";
    Also, if you import bitmap images that are .png format you can check export as .png and lossless compression. Makes for a big file, but looks good.

    Hope that helps,
    Bryan T

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    It might be a case of having imported those JPEGs into flash and Flash putting extra compression on them, as it does with any bitmap. Strangely enough, it doesn't do it with JPEGs imported from Fireworks (Macromedia). Otherwise, you need to adjust the export settings in the Flash movie itself.

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    Try creating the jpgs with a high resolution, but using a jpg compression program like PROjpg, this should help your quality and keep the images at a reasonable file size. Hope that helps


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    Thank you all

    ...for your input and help. Interesting about the Fireworks trick. If I open the same picture in Fireworks and then copy and paste to flash they look better. I am also going to try that software PROjpg. I will let flash do the compression at the end.

    Thank you again.

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