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    Ok i have a site that is all flash. On the main page i have eight buttons. What do i tell each button to do so that when they click it..the new .swf will load in that window and NOT just overlap.

    Anohter question. I have a motion tween that opens when you go to a page. When it stops it displays text. Now can i tell a button (when clicked) to play the closing tween AND then load a movie?

    Please help.

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    You can place a load movie action in each button, but you will not beable to tell target these levels from the same button as you cannot load a level and tell target the same level in the same action.

    That leaves you 2 options, you can preload all the swf's or you can have the load movie action in the button and then place a tell target action after the load movie going to a frame down the main timeline. In this frame down the timeline, you can place a tell target action to the new level. If you have 8 buttons, you will need 8 different locations to tell target on the main timeline unless you use a variable to and some actionscript in the button to say which button was pressed. Then you could get away with just on location.

    Having level0 or other level's not appear while playing another level can be done with a visibility action in the frame with the tell target. Just set the other levels the ones not being tell targeted to "false" and the one being tell targeted to "true".

    Hope this helps.

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