Hi, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this so if it isnt sorry

Well, I own a Hardware Site (http://www.hardextreme.org) and we are currently needing a Logo for our Board, that run's at http://www.hardextreme.org/board. The site has aprox 11,000 Unique Hits per day.

The banner that im needing is a good one, I think that most of you here (I spent like 3 hours reviewing Threads haha) are good at design so that won't be a problem.

The logo is for the Board of my Hardware Site.

The problem is that, currently, i don't have much money (For not saying none).

I don't pretend to get something for free. You will see some banners, but we are not getting money, we get products for making reviews but then we have to give them back. I post to see if there's anyone interested in Creating the Logo.

The requeriments are to fit with a Black Background, to be 800x150 Pixels and to look Professional and "Techie". (Too Much? )

In exchange i can put on the ALT of the Logo your Company's Name / Your Name, and I will also announce this on the Main Page of the Site and on the Forum.

Hope that someone is interested.

My ICQ : 1373033
AIM : WHSOlutions AR
MSN : hardextremeinc@msn.com
Mail : hardextreme@ciudad.com.ar