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Thread: Sound help

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    I am very new to Flash and would like to ask if anyone knows how to make sound stop when you leave a scene so it does not overlap when you enter the next.

    I have read the other postings and will see if Tell Target can help, however I would like to see if there are any other ideas to help me.

    I have a movie that will consist of multiple scenes, all with different background loops. When you leave one scene and go to the next, the music overlaps. I've tried changing the sound properties from start to sync, etc. however this does not seem to change this problem. I may be overlooking something very obvious, but just need a little help getting the right answer to my question. Thanks so much!

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    In the last frame set action to stop all sounds

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    good answer dbeprez

    Also stacie in the first key frame of each scene add STOP in the SYNC box
    and pick the music that you want to stop
    if you need an example i can send you one.

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    Thank you both for your quick replies. My movie now works perfectly!

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    It's real sad how some people post questions and people take forever to give you help on your problem. I think we should all help eachother out because at one point in time we needed help too.

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