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Thread: please help with loading

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    Ok i have question im trying to make something happen but im not sure if it is even possible. I have a time line of a total 60 frames. i have two objects open and when they open fully (frame 30) i have some text appear. Now at the bottom i have 8 buttons. Each button goes to another movie. What do i tell the buttons so taht it does
    1. finishes the currnet scene time line(play frames 31-60)
    THEN load the moive that the person selected?

    If i tell it to unload the movie then load the next one..it will cut off before finishing play frames 31-60. So what do i do?
    PLease HELP!


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    I just did a quick experiment based on your q. Try putting a stop action in your main movie where you want the button to be pressed. Then put a go to and play (the frame at the beginning of your scene) action on your button and a load movie action at the last frame of the scene...

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