Great. I have Flash 5 sitting in its wrapped box right next to me on the desk. I was poised to install it. Then I made my way through the 33 posts about the Flash 5 bug(s).
Nearly 1150 people have read these comments, so I know there's a consensus of concern here. I was concerned enough to consider this a major quandary:" to load, or not to load, that is the question..."

There seems enough of a body of empirical evidence accumulating to make one reluctant to upgrade. As users, we all know how aloof the major software developers are to comment and contact----try emailing Adobe or Macromedia, go ahead, try! I about spit last night when trying to order something at their online store (MM's) and noting how for only $149 I could buy email with a priority help tell me how to install it....NOT, mind you, to help me with technical issues after installation. How bogus can you be, and still be loved and admired?

I'm with the Webmaster at Flashkit that is trying to get a detailed list of bugs from users experiencing problems. Please be forthcoming and narrow it down to those anomalies occuring or functions affected? Meanwhile, I'm going to leave Flash 5 sealed in the package until I feel more confident...Flash 4 is working fine for me, why upset the proverbial applecart?