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Thread: Issues with Testing my Movie

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    I've been working on this project for about 4 weeks now and everything was going great. All of a sudden when I was testing my movie, the dimensions on the main page changed. I had a room with a blue floor and purple walls (background colour is purple as well. There are buttons going off of it and where i made the borders on the floor and walls, suddenly when i go to test the movie the window is bigger than normal and there is an extra purple border around everything. This is in Flash 5. And it's totally stressing me out, I'd appreciate a quick response since my project is due soon =)

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    I'm thinking that you are talking about testing the site in your browser.

    Check your publish settings for the size problem. You can set it match the movie's dimentions, fit to a percentage of the browser window, or set specific dimentions other than what the movie is created as.

    The purple outline is probably the background color of your project. Browsers add a border around the embedded SWF. You can either change the color or get rid of the borders. The first can be done in Flash itself or by editing the HTML. The second requires editing the HTML.

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