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Thread: help me .. process for exporting files in photoshop for offset printing

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    help me ..
    the process involved for exporting files in photoshop6 for offset printing..

    cmyk ?
    or any tutorial on net .... for the same

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    Yes! You must convert the colors to CMYK for offset printing. Once you convert the colors from RGB (or whatever your original is) to CMYK, you will have to color-correct the CMYK image as it will change from the original.

    What looked bright and vibrant in RGB may now be out of gamut in CMYK. To be assured TRUE color with an offset printer, be sure to follow your Pantone color guide, as your monitor does NOT represent the "true" color either.

    Remember, the type of medium (paper) that you print on will also affect the dot-gain and ink colors. For example, the color Pantone 1787C will have a different opacity and hue when printed on Carolina C1S Ultra Light Cover versus say a Vellum Bristol-Cover.

    Always be sure your image is 300dpi, with a minimum line screen of 125lpi…150lpi preferably.

    The best way to assure results is to TALK TO THE PRINTER or print shop. They are your best source for those new to offset printing.

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    If u want to maintain (up to a point) the vivid colors u have in RGB, convert the image to LAB color first and then to CMYK. As for the lpi is a matter of the final process and it depends on the printer. 175 lpi gives a small dot (I usually use this) and 200 is even better. There is a general rule that says that the dpi u use to scan an image must be 2 times the lpi u'll use to print. That means if u print in 175 lpi the images must be in 350 dpi. But it's just a small and not frequently used detail.

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