Hello all!
First i wish to thank jydnas for the excellent explanation of my problem. Thanks!
But im stuck now with another problem.
In my main movie i have a button that plays a sound file with the load movie (swf) script when the mouse is over it. It stops until the mouse rolls off. This works perfectly.
Now i want to preload that sound file which is called testleft.swf in my preloader, because if it is not preloaded the sound needs to load when the mouse is over it. This is ****ty, because the sync to the animation of the button is not good at the first time. (the second time it is, because it is loaded)
Now i tried to use the tell target action and place a stop action in the first frame of the soundmovie. This works but now my background sound also stops playing because i use the stop all sounds action in the background soundfile which is also a seperate swf file.
Are you still with me?
Well, is there any bypass of the stop all sound action to get the problem solved or do i need to do something else.
The background sound is level1
The sound file is level 2
Look at my site to understand the problem: www.v-design.nl/index.swf

The sound file that has to be preloaded is the left handle (graphics). You will see that when the mouse is over it, it needs to load first.

If someone could help me with this, i really appreciate it.

Thanks, Tom Viguurs