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Thread: Audio in Flash

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    I notice the loops on this site are all perfect loops (or pretty close), but that the sound quality isn't the best. Obviously this is for file size requirements...

    what exactly is the standard for audio in flash (sample rate? mono or stereo, Is it preferable to use a .wav or .mp3).

    It's a stupid question but I would like to know before I put any of my loops into a flash movie.

    Thanks for your help!


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    In library, right click on audio file, selct options, select desired rate of sample. it's preset real low so bump up to your liking

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    .wav file , sample rate 22khz,mono
    is what i use the most.
    I start out with 44.1khz 16 bit stereo
    and downsample it to, sample rate 22khz,mono 16 bit when i know im going to import it into Flash.
    Then when i publish it for the web
    i use MP3 mono 64kbps BEST

    so that people don't have to wait an eon to download it,like a game or a music player.

    You just have to find what is exceptible to you but allways remember people don't like to wait more then 30 seconds to download
    a flash web page.

    Im just happy that i can even put music in to a web page so 64kbps i good for me.
    The standard MP3 kbps rate used the most is
    128kbps but i still would recommend 64.

    As far as the loops
    When you choose one and download it
    you get the original.
    20 of my loops are 44.1khz 16 bit, stereo.

    Take care....
    Jeff A. : Andrews Art and Music.

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