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Thread: Streaming???

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    I've been working on this site that is rather hefty on the audio end. Each page has atleast 3 narratives and even with MP3 compression, the file sizes are still massive. I've been asked to fix this problem, but I'm totally clueless. Every site I've ever worked on with audio has been little tiny loops and that's it.

    How does streaming audio work in Flash? Why if the audio streams does the user have to download the entire file, audio included?

    for an idea of what i'm talking about go to http://www.cdtmicrographics.com/richardson/ro_pg2.htm

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    As soon as the user get enough audio to play, it'll start streaming. Only downfall is if you don't preload the audio, it has a good chance of stopping and skipping. In order to get your files down in size try these techniques. Reduce sampling rate . Standard is 44.1Hz for good, crisp sound. You can almost get the same quality of sound by reducing sampling rate to 22Hz. It'll chop the size in half. Ensure that it's mono not stereo. That another half in size chop

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    dbeprez has good points.

    streaming works in such a way that it syncs to the time line frames of the animation.

    Streaming is used to sync the audio to the animation
    you can add a stop action in the first frame
    to stop it from playing
    and add the the music to the second frame
    and set it to SYNC STREAMING

    that way it will sync to the animation but not start playing during preload

    if you add it to the first frame
    as soon as some of frames are loaded in to the users computer it will start playing
    thus no need to totally download the whole file to start hearing sound.
    So there are some different ways of
    seting it up depending on what you want.

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    I found a problem with ur site, i cant even read the writing and my res is 1024x768, on the html change it to be a bit bigger

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